Review: King Cave ( Forever Evermore #2 )

King Hall - Scarlett Dawn

Possible spoilers if you have not read book #1 King Hall !!!!!! 





King Cave starts off right where King Hall ended— With my heart Shattering. Scarlett Dawn doesn’t give readers a chance to breathe, her characters don’t get one so why should we? If I thought that King Hall had me by the feels.. than King Cave had me by my heart and ripped it out of my chest!

I went through a whirlwind of emotions as I read this story. I cried, I laughed, I swooned, I yelled and screamed. And I had to fan myself a few times ;) Ezra and Lily’s relationship is like.. a teapot. Filled with water that gradually gets to it’s boiling point and then Blows it’s Freaking Top!  The #SexyTimes in this book were.. Wowza ! Haha. But it did not take away from the intensity of this story. Ezra and Lily know what is going on with the War between Mystics and Humans is more important than what’s going on with them and they really step up to the plate. They take responsibility and show a more mature side of themselves.

It was interesting to see the relationships grow and change. Not just between the 4 ( Ezra, Lily, Jack and Pearl ) but between the kings and their prodigies. As well as the interactions between the prodigies and the rest of the Mys Community. Then there was the relationships between the Mys community and the humans… oh man.. ya.. that one is a bit strained.

King Cave was a wonderful blend of Action, Romance and Adventure. There were very few moments when the story lulled, everything kept me interested and wanting to know more. I would tell you a few of those moments.. but it would kind of spoil another event ;)

King Cave really stepped it up! The Sexy times will make you blush, the romance will make you swoon, the banter between the characters will make you chuckle and the action/adventure will keep you gripping the pages!

I seriously need more NOW and cannot wait for #3. If I were to say that anything more was needed it would be that I would like to have some more background on other characters. Maybe in the form of some Novellas? Hmm Scarlett? This is where you nod your head and feed my Forever Evermore addiction ;)

HIGHLY recommend this to fans of paranormal romance! This is a New Adult Paranormal that is going to be at the top for a good long while!