Fracture - Megan Miranda It's not too often that a book can make she literally shiver from the "creeps" but this one gave me goosebumps all over!

For a debut author to succeed they need to stand out in the crowd. They need to be different. And this Author is going to shine.

While there is a typical YA love triangle in this story, it is not the center of attention. All eyes on Delaney. You can really connect with her struggle to simply try and be "normal", all while dealing with a mother who now thinks she is anything but. A friend/love interest who can't decide if he wants to stay or go, and a deceptively endearing newcomer who connects with Delaney on a level no one else can.

The concept of this book will grip you. Making you wonder what you would do if you KNEW someone was going to die. What if they were your friend? A neighbor? A family member? Would you fight to save them? Would you tell them? Or would you try to help them suffer no longer?

I only have a few hesitations about this book #1 is the aforementioned love triangle. We need some stronger Female characters out there! No more of this " I know he is bad for me but I am going to keep letting him in." #2 is the characters random obsession with gaining weight.. sure it is a realistic idea. But it feels out of place and unneeded.

It's only the beginning for this debut author, she will definitely hold her own and not fall through the cracks!