The Pledge - Kimberly Derting First off.. I must say how much I love this cover, it's going to be attracting some serious attention. We all know the quote " Don't judge a book by it's cover." But come on. We all know we do it to some extent. And in the case of The Pledge by Kimberly Derting : The greatness of the cover, matches the greatness of the book.

When I first started reading The Pledge ( having not reading too many reviews to avoid spoilers ) I felt it was going to be historical.

Set in a Future that is disturbingly similar to our past. Ruled by a Queen - older than anyone would think to imagine- the people have been reverted back to classes. Royal, Vendor, Servant, ect... Each class has their own language, and it is against the law to learn a language above your class. We also learn that most children are now named in remembrance of the old cities : Brooklyn, Carlton, Charlotte.. you get the picture.

So what did I love about this book?
Oh So much

1. First off, I loved the idea that our future may not be filled with spaceships and technological advances to boggle the mind, that it just might go backwards. Ok. let me correct myself. I don't Love this possibility, I love the interesting concept! :)

2. The Queen - oh how you will love to hate her. * shivers * While she is the antagonist, we don't really read too much about her. But it doesn't take much for her presence to be known! - Though I do wish there was a couple more examples of her previous lives. The one in the Prologue was creepy and interesting, I would love to learn more.

3. No love triangle! Though there are hints - and I started to think " uh oh.. here we go." Charlie is not one to be wishy washy on how she feels :)

4. The Romance was not "whirlwind" It didn't feel like - Oh hi! I just met you, and now I love and trust you completely. - The love grows, it has it's faults, it felt real.

5. Charlie is a girl with faults. There are times you will want to shake her and be like, make smarter decisions! But hey, real people make mistakes.

Sigh. I just loved this book. It was not action packed, it was not filled to the brim with fluttering romance. It simply held me. Intriguing, thought provoking, fast paced and fantastically written.

For fans of strong dystopians, historical ficion, and fantasy worlds. This has a bit of each.

Kimberly Derting shared with me on twitter that she will be in Portland at Powells In January! You can be sure I will be there with bells on. I hope some of you can join me ! - As soon as I know the date I will Share!

Rating 5/5

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