The Alchemy of Forever: An Incarnation Novel - Avery Williams I started off reading this book having not read the blurbs on the back, and having not heard a peep from other bloggers about it. Since it's out this January.. this made me wonder why I hadn't heard more. After finishing the book.. I have to say, I must simply be out of the loop, because this book blew me away! An unexpected Gem.

Originally I thought this book was going to be about incarnation ( remember, I hadn't read ANYTHING about this book, I just dove in. ) It was an unexpected, and thrilling twist that instead, our characters are killing, and taking over other people's lives! Thus, the turmoil begins.

Sera is one of those "evil" characters that feels guilt over what she is doing, only, she is one of the few to actually step up and take action... ok.. so it kinda backfires, but she tried! And now she tries to do right by the victim ( Kailey) and her family.

While it was hard for me to imagine Seraphina - who is supposedly centuries old, being in high school and acting like a teenager. Avery Williams weaves this story in such a wonderful way that you come to feel for Sera and it makes sense, you realize, she never really had the chance to be a true teenager, and she is taking all she can from this experience, even though in the back of her mind sticking around and caring for people could have a deadly outcome.

The Characters in this book are wonderfu., From the background characters that add to the angst, Kailey/Sera who you will empathies with and co-swoon with over Noah, to Cyrus.. who will seriously give you the "heebie jeebies".

Basically what I am saying is.. READ THIS BOOK... * yes you, I see you reading this review.. if anything I said connects with you... read.. it. *

Ok one more time * Swoon*******