Crave - Melissa Darnell A Forbidden love.. Sounds very Cliche right? Been there, read that. But now add in the twist, The Female love interest is a Damphir ( A half Vampire half human, that should not exist. ) Add onto that part Witch! The Male love interest is a Witch, son to the Leader of the Clann.

I have to say, I was hesitant of the twist. It seemed to complicated to me. But I ended up really enjoying it. It was nice to have the female character be the dangerous one in the relationship. And with Savannah constantly learning new things about herself, I kept wondering what might happen next.

Tristan was a great character as well. He doesn't want all the power that comes with being part of the Clann or son of the leader. He just wants to play football and lead as normal a life as he can. But when he feels Savannah is in danger he searches for a way to help, while not fully giving in to his families wishes.

The book starts out gripping with curiosities.. then.. it starts to drag a bit. you learn alot about Savannah's school life and new " friends" .. this goes on for awhile.. sigh. It felt very unneeded and was hard for me to get through. This is the only part that really bothered me about the story. But then FINALLY it gets to the nitty gritty. And OH how I loved it. Tristan and Savannah going against everything they have been told, trying to forget who their families are and What they are, and simply wanting to be together.

The ending is intense, and leaves you wanting more, and then of course I read the 1st chapter in the second book and now I'm regretting it! sooo impatient lol

To this Debut Author I say Job well done. I look forward to seeing where she takes this series.