Everneath - Brodi Ashton A Story that was so beautifully dark and twisted, I couldn't put it down !

Everneath: Forever Underneath

Mythology is one of those things that I have always wanted to study, but when it finally comes down to it, I set it aside. Don't me wrong I love mythology, however much of the time when it's in it's original form, it's a little overwhelming. Which is why I LOVE it when Authors like Brodie Ashton weave it so wonderfully into new stories that I can follow and connect with !

The characters :

Nikki : She had a moment of weakness, you know the kind. Where you just want to give up and be done. Only in Nikki's case, she gets her wish in the form of Cole : An everliving who is using her as well.. emotional food I guess you could call it. She has a chance to go home for a short time and she jumps at it. Wanting to repent, to make up for simply disappearing. To try and make the fact that she will be taken back to everneath soon, for good.

Nikki was a character who I both loved and hated, I know I say that alot but it's true! She makes some decisions that make you think " ummm.. no. just. no. why?!" But then again, she was stuck in the Everneath for the last 100 years, we can't expect her to be totally ok. But I also loved her character and how she fought for every last minute of life she had left to live.

Cole: Oh cole... * I say seething with rage* How I disliked him! But in the -he was a well written evil character- kinda way :) Cole took advantage of Nikki and her pain, using her in " the feed " 100 years of being fueled by a human in the everneath. Then when she escapes back to earth, he tries to convince her to go back with him! And he is just sneaky enough to get Nikki thinking.

Cole is very dimensional, possibly in a - I'm a raving lunatic- kinda way. But still. There are moments when you feel for him and think that he isn't completely dark inside.

Jack: * pause for swooning break* Yes he is one of those. He is impossible not to love. Nikki up and leaves, no goodbye, no reason. Then she shows back up months later, amidst rumors of her leaving for a drug addiction, and whatever else high school kids can think up. And Still he cares and worries for her. Sure it takes a little while for the trust to build to really see these two in their prime, but it's worth it.

Jack is a man who will fight for what he wants, and he wants Nikki still in his life.

A book filled with thrills, romance, mythology and action.

Now you may wonder why I only rated this book 4/5 when it's obvious I loved it... It was a bit complicated to follow at times. One moment you are reading a chapter set in their present day, next moment we are back months later learning how Nikki took her steps toward the Everneath. While it was wonderful to get the back story, and interesting to see how it all connected, at times it was overwhelming and hard to follow. I felt there were parts that were unneeded and almost took away from the story.

Now file that away in the back of your mind.

I highly recommend this book! Brodie Ashton is a debut author who can seriously hold her own. This story will drag you in and refuse to let go until the last page, then there is the kicker... there is a sequel! Which I am so thankful for. The ending of Everneath is one that will leave you breathless and needing more.

Don't miss out !