Cinder - Marissa Meyer As some of you probably noticed, I actually read this story weeks ago. So why hasn't a review been posted? The words, they just wouldn't come!

Cinder is one of those stories that back in my borders bookselling days, I would find one of my loyal customers who I knew had my taste in books, walk up to them, put Cinder in their hands, and simply say " READ IT". I would not let them leave without it in their shopping bad. Seriously, I have that much confidence in it.
Fairy tale re-tellings are a genre of mine that I simply cannot get enough of. Something that pulls us back to childhood memories, yet at the same time twists and turns in a compelling way that makes you think more and more about the different possibilities. Cinder screams re-telling awesomeness!

While the description of the book may feel VERY sci fi, really it is such a wonderful blend of so much more. Slight dystopia, historical feel, fairytale -esk and Sci fi, and fantasy/magic! The fact that Marissa Meyer can weave so much into this one story and still leave me reeling and aching for more, is something that not too many authors can pull off in my opinion.
The characters are very easy to connect with:

Cinder is strong willed and determined, as well as endearing when it comes to her nativity on relationships.

Her Droid Iko, who I could not get enough of! Seriously, A barrel of laughs!

Prince Kai - oh prince Kai ..A literal prince charming :) You can't help but fall head over heels for him! ( I also enjoyed the fact that it as not insta-love for Cinder and Kai, Marissa gives us a heartfelt romance that truly develops at an honest pace)

The evil stepmother/Legal guardian - can I dump a bucket of water on her and watch her melt? - oh wait, wrong story >.< She was just so cruel I kept waiting to see when Cinder would finally snap!

The stepsisters: - One horrid, though we don't get to spend too much time with her. And one, well, not evil at all! I loved Peony, she has a kind of lust for life and just, perkyness that I couldn't help but smile at.

Then we have The Lunar queen - the queen of manpulation, and me wanting to reach though the book and strangle her. An awesome protagonist!

Author Tidbit- Marissa Meyer Uses much Sailor moon and Firefly in her inspiration for Cinder , How awesome is that!
Have I hooked you yet? Are you drooling?

The world created in Cinder is one that left me craving more and more. I cannot wait to see what's to come in the next books in the Lunar Chronicles : Scarlet ( book 2 ), Cress ( book 3) and Winter ( book 4 ) which will feature other fairy tale characters! Can you guess which ones?