Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout I don't branch out to the sci fi side of YA as much as I would like. However this book seriously has be wondering " Why the heck not!" Fun and addicting. I loved that the main character was also a book blogger on the side ( not a huge part in the book, but it's fun to hear about her I.M.M's and waiting on Wednesdays ) Also Daemon. Well the description above is fairly accurate, stab worthy, yet, swoon worthy at the same time! I found myself laughing out loud many times. The banter between the two MC's is highly entertaining. And Dee, Daemon's sister: upbeat, perky ( sometimes overly so ) and desperately wanting "normal" friends. I couldn't help but love her. While full of love hate romance this story also kept me on my toes with the Alien action. I thrill ride I couldn't put down!

I NEED book #2

- side note ( great for fans of the tv show Roswell ! )