Partials - Dan Wells Some people believe the Dystopian Craze is dying, that it has been overdone and we are all burnt out. Sometimes I begin to feel like I agree with them, thinking "Can't we just move on!" Then I read a book like Partials, and my hope for the dystopian genre is revived !

You ever have those times, when words don't come, and you want to start spouting off cliche overused lines? "Action packed Thrill ride!" "Roller-coaster of emotions!" "Gripping and addictive!'

hmm.. .wait. That about sums it up! >.<

Though I suppose I should give you more than just that, huh?

Partials is a story, that as a girl can hit you hard. The idea of being told. "You MUST get pregnant" at a certain age, one in many's eyes that is too young, frightens me. Knowing that, even if you do get pregnant, and come to term all fine and dandy, your baby will only live to take a few breaths, in a time period filled with being poked and prodded for tests. Could you do it? Kira knows the tests are not making a difference, that people are being forced to suffer this loss over and over again, with no forseen progress. So she takes action!

Kira doesn't take no for an answer, she is a character that I could relate to at times, and looked up to at others for her strength.

Now just because an intense part of this dystopian world is based around forced pregnancy and giving birth, that does NOT mean a guy couldn't love this book as much as I did. Did I mention it was an "Action packed thrill ride?"

Bombs, hand to hand combat, partials ( AKA Robots, Cyborgs, whatever you want to consider them ) and so much more. I can't lie, I'm not usually an action girl, Bombs are ho-hum to me and Robots are old school. Partials by Dan Wells has made me eat my words. I couldn't get enough of the intensity! I gripped my book, I held the book right up to my face eagerly awaiting the next page.

Then we have the Partials - think.. Battle Star Galactica ( If you haven't watched this show, and you like Sci Fi, you're missing out! ) Highly evolved robots, created to look just like us, used to help fight out battles. But what happens when the machine starts thinking for itself ? Don't look at me like it's not a possibility! Science is insane, and who knows what could happen, this is just one possible outcome of many,.

Eventually ( Not soon enough ) Kira meets Samm, or well.. Kidnaps him to use in experiments to find out if Partial DNA can help solve the RM problem. I didn't expect to like Samm, but he grew on me more and more through the story.

If I talk to much more I will get into spoiler ville, and we wouldn't want that now would we? let me just say this - The end will leave you REELING - A twist I didn't see coming, though; I haven't read very much sci fi, so who knows... maybe it's the norm lol.

Do I have you curious? Itching to pick up the book?

Reviews can be hard sometimes. I seriously LOVED this book. But sitting down to write this review, I don't feel as if I reviewed it at all, didn't give it justice. Maybe soon out of the blue, a better way of explaining the review will come to me, and I will give it a overhaul. But until then I shall just say: READ THIS BOOK.

Rating: 5/5