Ashfall - Mike Mullin

We all have our weird little quirks right? Me? I Love books and movies about Natural disasters. examples: books- Life as we knew it series by Susan Beth Pfeffer, Movies- Dante's peak and Twister. Funny thing is.. they terrify me. Like seriously, I still have nightmares about Dante's peak which I watched about .. 9 years ago for the first time? I guess I love them because they really make me think.. and freak out. Possible scenarios scare me much more than horror movies and books about vampires and werewolves *though I love those as well. *

Ashfall is now added to my love/hate list.

I was hesitant at first. You start out learning about Alex - A giant geek, World of warcraft addict and sci fy fan. I didn't see him surviving this world well. But he came into his own and really surprised me! And when he meets Darla ? It was fun to watch the banter and interactions :)

This is told from Alex's perspective, so it was a little harder for me to connect with him as an MC, simply because I am not used to male MC's. While at times I found it interesting, other times when he was thinking.. certain male thoughts.. I couldn't help but think " ew TMI " haha. But at the same time that helped keep the reality feel to it. You have to expect some of that stuff in the thoughts of a Teenage boy.

The world Mike Mullen created was dark, and intense, and full of harsh realities. Food is scarce, people will do just about Anything to survive, and when it all comes down to it, there is no way of knowing who will live and who will die.

A little bit of light humor, some real feeling teenage romance ( as romantic as you can get when covered in Ash and day old dirt, grime and sweat. ) and an intensity that held my attention. Ashfall was just what I needed to help me get out of my book slump.

Keep in mind I do not recommend this for young teens. There are some gory scenes that had even me cringing, and some sexual references that made me blush a bit >.< But it's not over the top.

Be prepared to feel an urge to run out to the store and stock up on nonperishable foods, and a plethora of survival gear! ( Including Ski's ) :D

If you are looking for a book that feels real, and will make you think I highly recommend this one! ( as well as the series I will share below )

My only real negative is that at times the pace was a bit too slow, I had to remember that SOMETHING was going to happen soon.

Rating : 4.5/5