The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross Every time I see the cover of this amazing book I remember what one of my old Borders managers said when we first put it on the shelf. Along the lines of "Damn, that sounds good." And *long pause* "Hott" Lol.. He hit the nail on the head with this one!

Lately I have come across many books that after a few pages in I think " Why did I not read this sooner!" The Girl In The Steel Corset is one of those! My only saving grace is that since I took so long to read book #1, less of a wait for book#2!

This story pulled me in so many different directions, It had me loving a character one moment, hating them the next. Falling for the "criminal mastermind" as well as the devastatingly handsome duke. Feeling sorry for Finely one moment, and hoping she doesn't kill someone the next! I could go on. I loved ride I was taken on.

Jack Dandy - Criminal Mastermind, and yet.. swoonworthy ;) Loved his accent and wiley ways!

Finley - The Jekyl/Hyde Character ; I loved all her personalities! Shy and sweet one moment, Spunky and kick ass the next.

Griffen - Oh Griffen. His abilities were intense, but it never seems to overpower the softspot he has for his family and friends.

Emily- A bit of an oddball character, while I know she was still a "younger" character. Her manner of speaking threw me off a bit. But that did not make me like her any less! Smart and sweet I fell for her just like a few other characters in the book ;)

Sam- My feelings for him are all over! I never quite swooned.. definitely hated at times. A dynamic character that kept me guessing

And that's just a peek into the awesome characters that Kady Cross created!

Not to mention the style in this book! It blew me away. I have always had a "thing" for steampunk - though I never felt I could pull it off - But translating a style into a story.. I never thought it would have worked so perfectly. Mechanics meets art and style.. Gorgeous.

The time period is another thing that made this story rock. The lifestyle in this time period is one that, basically makes Teenagers Adults. They work, they get married, their dukes and criminals, they drink ect.. If Finely's age was not given, I would have thought she was more in her 20's. This time period and steampunk style makes the story one that can cross the lines between what some readers deem YA and Adult.

An array of characters that were vibrant and entertaining and A world that was just the same. The Girl In The Steel Corset blew me away. Kady Cross blends sci fy and fantasy together in a wonderful way, with characters that seem to have "magic" or special abilities, and automatons - Robots - that appear to be growing a mind of their own. I never knew what to expect next!

Steampunk literature in all it's glory! The Girl In the Steel Corset has convinced me that steampunk is a Genre on the rise!

Rating: Are you kidding me?! 5/5 !

Do yourself a favor ( And myself ! I need more people to talk to about this book! ) If this review, or even someone else's review, peaked your interest in this book. Go pick it up now!!