Frostbite - Richelle Mead Finished it in one sitting! This one def. hooked me on the rest of the series better than #1 did :) loved it!

Usually when I read a series, they are either steadily good/great, or gradually/rapidly declining. It was amazing to come across a series that so dramatically INCREASED in my view just by the second book.

I am super happy to say I am now a Vampire Academy fan !

If you read my review of book #1 you will remember I said I had to put it down many times and keep coming back to it. That while it was enjoyable. SOMETHING seemed to be missing. This was not the case with Frostbite. I sat down to read around midnight, I was done around 3am. I could .. not..stop..reading!

The characters seem to come more into their own. - Though Lissa is still a bit absent in this story, I liked her a little bit more for growing more of a spine and standing up for herself and her beliefs. Rose, though still a little annoying at times, Definitely grew into a stronger character and I still loved her witty attitude. Though.. I have a hard time putting up with how she handles her love interests.. I can at the same time, understand why she does what she does. I'm not a "teen" now.. but I remember high school.. and I definitely acted like her at times when it came to guys. So in that aspect it was the believability that helped me continue to enjoy her character.

We get to see more of Mason and Christian in this story! Both great characters, and have a strong impact on Rose and Lissa.

Dimitri ... Oh Dimitri.. He wouldn't be too old for me ;) but I still have a hard time being ok with the "relationship" between him and Rose. Though, with the way this story is written, and the culture that they have both grown up with.. i can see it being more ok than well.. current ? I think once she hits 18 I will be more ok with it ( Just a personal opinion )

We meet a new character. Adrian.. he is one of those Bad boys you love to have love/hate feelings for lol. Snarky/fun comments, swoon worthy actions.. but at the same time you just want to smack him! ;)

There is Definitely some swoon worthy moments in this one! As well as some WTH?! ones.
We get to learn more about the Strigoi and Mori and their powers, and get some good action/ thriller scenes as well!

All in All Frostbite was a HUGE step up for me. Now I am Impatiently awaiting having # 3 in my hands!