ReVamped - Ada Adams My Gosh, I love it when Debut authors just come out Shining :D Fun, Quirky, action filled, with just enough swooning. - Full review below !

* I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. *

It's books like this that make me remember why I accept review requests from smaller Self published and Indie Authors ! You get the ones that you regret accepting, the ones that show potential, and then Ones like this. Ones that come out shining and immediately go to my "favorites" and "Must be shared with the world" shelves !

Ada Adams creates of world of Vampires with a twist. Where Vampires can me made AND born. Where there is Blood Cola and Blood beer, and garlic allows vampires to not burn in the sun. The characters in this story are quirky and lovable, but at the same time.. can kick some serious A** !

Revamped has just enough of everything. Swoonworthy guys ( Some more than others ;) ) Girls that can stand up for themselves, enough sarcasm and witty comebacks to make me chuckle to myself but not feel like I was reading a comedy, and the perfect blend of intense action, and laid back storytelling. I couldn't get enough.

Throughout this book Dawn grows as a person ( ... err.... as a Vampire ..) and I found myself growing right along beside her. As she comes into her own and realizes who she is. As she finds out some startling revelations and grows even stronger for them.

I find myself in fan girl mode when I think of this story now. I banter back and forth with fellow readers as well as Ada Adams herself as she taunts us with snippets from book #2 ReAwakened. Wondering to myself in quiet moments just WHAT is going to happen next. One of the markers of a good book for me is if I still am thinking about it long after I turn the last page. And guys? It's an awesome book!

ReVamped should not only be on your TBR pile, it should be in your hands... NOW !

Rating 5/5