This is Not a Test - Courtney Summers I am in the minority when it comes to my feelings about this book. There was so much hype that I jumped at the chance to review it. Ready to dive in to another apocalyptic world where zombies runeth over. Maybe I just latched on to the fact that there was supposed to be zombies in the story. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention to the description of this book. But I was let down.

There are zombies, and they are terrifying for sure. But they were not really a focal point of the story, in fact, the zombies scenes are few and far between.

90% of the story is located inside the school. With the strange mishmash of students just trying to survive. And while the situation itself would be intense, I felt like the intensity wasn't played up enough. While the story did pull me along, while I was intrigued and wanted to know how it all worked out... when I turned that last page I felt... disappointed.

I disliked the characters. All of them. Maybe that's how the readers are meant to feel. I mean, you can't always take a group of people and have at least one likeable one. Sometimes they all are jerks... But when reading a book I have a hard time connecting with the story when I want to smack ALL the characters upside the head. Sloane? I wanted to smack her constantly! That, and give her some happy pills.

Keep in mind that I am not really a fan of contemporary stories, or just basic thrillers. With the lack of zombie action in this story.. that's how it really felt to me. A near future thriller with hints of horror. And it just wasn't my style.

I'm sure that this story will resonate with many readers. Favorites for some and one that will be recommended all over. But I personally did not love it. The story intrigued me. Kept me moving forward. But overall did not win me over.

I suggest browsing more reviews. Check out the ones by other reviewers and friends who's opinion you trust ! My opinion is just one of many :) And please don't hold it against me that if it turns out to be a story you love!

Rating 2.5/5