Turned at Dark - C C Hunter I had actually found this book as a free download at B&N weeks before stumbling upon Born at midnight. and to be honest.. didn't make the connection until part way through B.A.M !! It was fate. After Finishing C.C. Hunter's first book in the Shadow Falls series I HAD to have more, and lucky me I had this to fall back on!

With the same lighthearted and fun feel that we get from Born at Midnight C.C. let's us in on Della's tale of how she was turned into a vampire and made her way to Shadow fall's camp.

I can only hope that C.C. Hunter continues with the short stories, set aside on their own, or mixed into the rest of the stories. I loved getting more incite into a character I loved and want more!

Even if you don't have an e-reader you can download this story to your computer or mobile device from B&N or other sources. And I recommend that you do... like.. now?!.... After reading Born at Midnight of course :)