Cursed - Jennifer L. Armentrout Jennifer Armentrout is an Author that won my heart the moment I opened Obsidian ( Book #1 in the Lux series ) I then went on to read EVERY book I could find of hers. And loved them all. They were all so unique, and full of ideas I hadn't really touched on much in YA.

That was a bit of what let me down with Cursed :/ The "touch of death" theme is something I have seen multiple times. There were a few unique aspects to the story that I enjoyed and held me through, but in the back of my head I kept thinking " read it, read it, read it. "

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed Cursed. 3 stars is NOT a bad rating. It just wasn't as amazing as I wanted.

Things that I liked about Cursed were:

The characters! Ember was such a strong character and person. Having gone what she has, and SURVIVING, holding on and still fighting for a good life for her and her sister, it's a trait I love to see in YA books.

Her sister Oliva was freaking ADORABLE. I mean really.. I feel for Ember..How do you say " no, you can't raise your dead hampster Squeaky back from the dead." to a face like that!

- I was heartbroken that Oliva wasn't more present in the story. She was always in the background, and topic of conversation, But I feel like she wasn't actually ACTIVE in the story as much as I would have liked.

Then there was Hayden ... ooh Hayden >.< I feel like I was able to feel Ember's emotions right along with her. You can't help but fall for Hayden.. but there is always a little bit of.. hesitation. With good reason!

I also really enjoyed the pacing in this story, starts out light, and gradually grows to an explosive ending!

My only real problem was that I couldn't get over the " read it " feeling. But not everyone may feel that way! I do recommend Cursed, as I would recommend ANY Jennifer Armentrout books. I would just say if you have already read some "touch of death" stories, be a bit wary.. but if it interests you? GO FOR IT.

Rating 3.5/5