Broken - A.E. Rought I love re-tellings. I mean. Love them. I love it when Authors take something that is a beloved classic, and twist into something totally different that a new set of readers can love. So When I saw " Modern Spin on Mary Shelly's Frankenstein." I immediately thought " Must read!"

I started reading Broken and immediately felt.. depressed. But thought to myself. " this is a good thing, it means that the readers emotions are effecting me deeply." But the feeling never left. Throughout the entire story I just kept thinking, this is sad, this is depressing.

Then there were the parts that simply annoyed me. Emma keeps mentioning her Gothic Fiction reading hw. But NEVER says the name of the book. It felt.. so... awkward and fake! Any reader could guess. It's terribly obvious. It just felt like the author was.. trying too hard, to hide the title of the book, and it came off simply annoying.

Here is the thing. I kept reading. I kept wanting to know what happened. So I can't say that I hated this book. because I didn't hate it, I simply.. didn't really enjoy it.

I have decided to share my thoughts from goodreads, because these are what I was feeling as I was reading broken, and immediately after finishing it. So they are just gut feelings, not something I pondered over for days trying to find the perfect way to say it in a review:

I'm really still confused about how I feel w/ this book.. It's like dark chocolate for me. I'm really not a fan. but.. it's chocolate. So I eat it. and it tastes.. ok. so I keep eating. But it also tastes kinda.. off.. So I wonder. " why am I still eating this? " .. Because it tastes just ok enough. And then.. I regret it later when I eat Milk chocolate and I'm all " OMG it's so good! "

Make sense?