Ablaze by Morgan Black - A serial Novella Review

Ablaze  - Morgan Black

I went into reading this knowing that it was the start of a serial Novel ( a serial story will be divided into novelette- or novella-sized sections released at regular intervals, like once a week or once a month. ) So I was prepared for a quick read.

I feel like the author did a good job of helping readers get to know the two main characters in a short amount of time. The backgrounds really interested me- Cheyenne may appear to the world as a bit of a stuck up rich girl who is handed everything, But she is more down to earth than that and has passions of her own that she works hard for. Luke is a bit of a mystery- to both Cheyenne and readers. I find myself wanting to know more about him and what makes him tick!

The Steamy scene was just blushworthy enough but not too over the top- though there were a few cheesy comments and lines throughout the story- and definitely left me wanting to read more about these two together! There are a few editing errors that had me pause for just a moment, but i'm sure the author will fix those after being informed, they were few do it didn't bother me too much.

I am interested in reading the rest of the story for sure! It will be interesting to read a serial Novel as I never have before, done in almost a TV show style where we get one episode at the time and the world and story will grow with each new addition!

This Series will have a new addition on the 18th and 29th of every month and I will be jumping in to see what happens next.


25pgs - new additions to the Series released on the 18th and 29th of every month

Review: Alchemy by Melanie Crouse, Sabrina West & Sheena Boekweg

Alchemy - Sheena Boekweg, Melanie Crouse, Sabrina West

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The idea of multiple authors for one story really threw me for  a loop, I won’t deny that. How would it work? Would it feel disconnected  and confusing? Would I find myself wondering who wrote what part? well… I still Wonder that.. I’m going to have to go ask the authors.. as for the rest. It worked wonderfully!

The story is told in 3 different POV’s. Usually, I am not a fan of multiple POV’s. If you read other reviews of mine with the same element you will find that usually I feel like the characters didn’t have a separate voice, that they blended together and got lost in the shuffle. Or that I constantly found myself wanting to know more about one character than the other. In Alchemy, each character’s POV was written by a different author, each had a completely unique voice and personality that made it to where I could easily tell them apart. Their stories are told through journal entries, and while sometimes the inner monologue style irritated me, for the most part I found it interesting and entertaining.

  The world of Alchemy was very interesting and had it’s own unique take on magic. Magic is like a disease and one can be infected, while it is recognized that Mages can be very helpful to society with what they can do, for the most part they are feared, called freaks and disgusting. Like any group of people there are good and bad sides, some of the infected turn crazy and go on rampages that further scare the masses.

The school that Juliette, Sam and Ana are sent to is for young mages to be trained to control their abilities, but there is also a Elite group that are trained to go above and beyond, to go out into the world in moments of need and try to show the positive things that mages can do for the world. It’s kinda like… X-men but with more limited abilities? Except.. they can also be manipulated in many different ways? Ok that doesn’t sound nearly as cool as I want to make it sound haha.. It’s Cool ok!

The story hooked me and the characters kept me intrigued. I loved the vibrate and different personalities that they showed and like I said in the beginning of my review.. I wonder which author wrote who’s POV! I am curious to see if they are anything like their characters.. I won’t deny I have a favorite.. Juliette- AKA Tornado Girl ! I love a girl with spunk ;)

I will definitely be recommending Alchemy to friends and cannot wait to see what is to come in the Prophecy Breakers series, as well as what other stories these authors will be bringing to the table!


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Teaser from Juliette’s POV



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Review: King Cave ( Forever Evermore #2 )

King Hall - Scarlett Dawn

Possible spoilers if you have not read book #1 King Hall !!!!!! 





King Cave starts off right where King Hall ended— With my heart Shattering. Scarlett Dawn doesn’t give readers a chance to breathe, her characters don’t get one so why should we? If I thought that King Hall had me by the feels.. than King Cave had me by my heart and ripped it out of my chest!

I went through a whirlwind of emotions as I read this story. I cried, I laughed, I swooned, I yelled and screamed. And I had to fan myself a few times ;) Ezra and Lily’s relationship is like.. a teapot. Filled with water that gradually gets to it’s boiling point and then Blows it’s Freaking Top!  The #SexyTimes in this book were.. Wowza ! Haha. But it did not take away from the intensity of this story. Ezra and Lily know what is going on with the War between Mystics and Humans is more important than what’s going on with them and they really step up to the plate. They take responsibility and show a more mature side of themselves.

It was interesting to see the relationships grow and change. Not just between the 4 ( Ezra, Lily, Jack and Pearl ) but between the kings and their prodigies. As well as the interactions between the prodigies and the rest of the Mys Community. Then there was the relationships between the Mys community and the humans… oh man.. ya.. that one is a bit strained.

King Cave was a wonderful blend of Action, Romance and Adventure. There were very few moments when the story lulled, everything kept me interested and wanting to know more. I would tell you a few of those moments.. but it would kind of spoil another event ;)

King Cave really stepped it up! The Sexy times will make you blush, the romance will make you swoon, the banter between the characters will make you chuckle and the action/adventure will keep you gripping the pages!

I seriously need more NOW and cannot wait for #3. If I were to say that anything more was needed it would be that I would like to have some more background on other characters. Maybe in the form of some Novellas? Hmm Scarlett? This is where you nod your head and feed my Forever Evermore addiction ;)

HIGHLY recommend this to fans of paranormal romance! This is a New Adult Paranormal that is going to be at the top for a good long while!


A new job- a new outlook!

Cornerstone  - Kelly  Walker Discovery (Electi) - Brina Courtney Waterproof - Amber Garr Tempest - Holly Hook The Girl (Guardians #1) - Lola St.Vil

Hey everyone! 


I want to share my wonderful news with you! I got a new job! I'm sure you guessed that by the title of the post ;) I am super excited! I am an assistant at Mark My Words Book Publicity. I get to work with Bloggers and awesome Indie authors and BOOKS! Every bookworms dream :D 


In the first few days of my new job I am out searching for AWESOME BLOGGERS. The ones who seriously LOVE books Who are not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. People who love cover reveals and Blitzes - there are some AWESOME Covers reveals soon, and some amazing stories releasing soon! 


If you want to be part of my team, or know someone who would want to- drop me a line at Michelle (at) markmywordsbookpublicity (dot) com! You do NOT have to be a blogger to help out. Sharing on facebook and twitter is wonderful as well! There will of course be giveaways and review opportunities as well ;) 


We actually have a couple Cover Reveals and Release day blitzes coming up quick that we need help with ! If you are interested PLEASE Email me and I will send you info! 


Feel free also to tell me what you do and do not want to see :) How can we make blitzes unique?  Should we have twitter parties? Do you follow Blog Tours?- What can we change about them. Any feedback is appreciated and WILL be taken into consideration! 


I'm really excited guys, and hope I get to work with some of you in the future!


michelle (at) markmywodsbookpublicity (dot) com

Discovery by Brina Courtney ( NA Paranormal Romance )

Discovery- FINAL

Nine months ago, Teagan Matthews' boyfriend disappeared and took her sense of stability with him. But when the opportunity to live with her aging grandmother in Salem arises, she decides it's time to get on with her life. A new home, new job, and new friends are adding up to a beautiful summer...

 ...until a young girl's body shows up one night in town, wearing a pentagram necklace exactly like Teagan's.

Now a guy, looking remarkably like her missing boyfriend, has arrived in Salem along with a mysterious stranger, who may have some answers that Teagan has desperately been searching for. Teagan must now decide who to trust. It's a matter of life... and her death.

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Re-Released as an NA Paranormal Romance!
*This book was previously published as Summer in Salem but has gone through major plot changes and edits. Not recommended for readers under the age of 17.*
Discovery Teaser Image

Discover Teaser 1



Discovery is technically a re-release of a story once known as Summer In Salem. I truly enjoyed Summer in Salem. But that doesn't stop me from being excited about Discovery! I can tell just by the teaser quotes that the story has had a pretty big overhaul! I cannot wait to see what new elements Brina added, and what these changes mean for Teagan! 

In celebration of Discovery's release day Brina is giving away this gorgeous Pentagram bracelet! 
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Tangled Tides by Karen Amanda Hooper

Tangled Tides - Karen Amanda Hooper

Tangled Tides did not win me over in the first chapter, or even the second for that matter, but the description had me so intrigued that I didn't want to stop for fear of missing out on something great. I mean.. what's more precious to Yara than HER LIFE?! I just had to know. My gut was right and I ended up loving this story!

This story is a combination of multiple paranormal / fantastical creatures. It's not just mermaids and selkies like the description includes. There are also bird like Sirens, Ghost like figures, and Gorgons!! Yes Gorgons, as in Medusa. Snake hair and a gaze that turns you to stone MEDUSA! Karen Amanda Hooper added elements that basically made it to where I could not put this story down because I just HAD to know how it all tied together. 

The characters were strong, though some more than others. You may think that there is going to be a love triangle in the beginning of the story, but rest assured there is not. I really enjoyed the push and pull of the romance that was there and really can't wait to see how it grows! Yara was a very .... Stubborn girl.. but she has her reasons. With all the lying going on around her and being forced to become a mermaid against her will, who wouldn't be a bit pissed off and hard headed?

Sometimes the world got a bit confusing with so many elements going on. At times it frustrated me, and at others I thought " this is probably how Yara feels about everything that's going on. Overwhelmed." 

The story has some great scenes. The concepts were wonderful and really had me entranced during certain scenes. There is some wonderful humor, interesting mythology, new ideas on mer and selkie lore, some heartbreak and deceit.... It just really all blended together wonderfully. 

There were definitely some complications with the story. Some ideas that didn't quite mesh well, some moments when it seemed over the top, and some writing that didn't quite feel polished. BUT the overall story held me and had me wanting more. None of those things made me want to stop the book or even put it down for a moment.

I would highly recommend Tangled Tides to fans of Mer and Selkie stories, and also fans of mythology. These elements are combined in a way that I hadn't experienced before and I think other readers will really enjoy it!


Steel Lily by Megan Curd

Steel Lily - Megan Curd
Ah Steampunk how I love you so! If it weren't for the inevitable bad guys that always show up in steampunk novels I would want to dive in and live there. It's just such a unique world. Right from the start of Steel Lily I could picture the world playing like a movie in my head, I could smell the rusty metal I could hear the gears turning. Megan Curd did a wonderful job of pulling me into Avery's world and keeping me there... 
The characters in Steel Lily were entertaining, strong and varied. Jaxon was one of my favorites, so cocky and full of sarcasm but also a bit vulnerable once you break though the layers. Avery was a "spitfire" as well, She is tough and stands up for herself and her family and friends no matter what. I wanted to get to know some of the side characters more.. they kinda pop out of the background every now and again and leave you stunned. But it didn't deter from my love of the story. 
The magic or Elemental side of the story was really interesting, I can't wait to see how the idea grows with the characters and what more will come. Steam punk and magic was a perfect blend and really kept me hooked on the story. 
I agree with Brittany, Steel Lily has a bit of everything. Magic, Romance, Action, Adventure, Science and Survival. Mix it with amazing characters and Megan Curd has a fan in me! I can't wait for # 2!!

Breathe by Sarah Crossan

Breathe - Sarah Crossan

When I first started reading Breathe I was worried that I might not like it. It has some mixed reviews between other bloggers that I follow, and It sounded a bit like something I had heard before. I was so happy when I few chapters in I was hooked and didn't want to stop reading till I was finished! The characters in Breathe were wonderfully written. Quinn and Bea are so different, which makes their friendship even more interesting. Alina wasn't my favorite character but I think it could have been just a personal opinion, she didn't hold my attention.


What brings my rating just shy of a 5 star one was the multiple POV's. Two I can handle, and even enjoy most of the time, But 3 was overwhelming. In the beginning of the story I would have to stop every once and awhile and figure out which character I was reading the POC of, Bea or Alina? It wasn't that their characters weren't different, I just got caught up in the story and didn't always notice the switch in POV's. The story was well paced, never too slow or too fast and I was always wanting to know what was coming next.


The concept was really interesting and kept me thinking. How would I handle not being able to breathe freely? Is my body strong enough to handle life outside of the dome? what would it be like to be overfed oxygen? Breathe was a engaging story that had me on my toes and had brain working.


I would highly recommend it to readers who enjoy dystopias and survival storys. Who enjoy strong characters and relationships that have rocky moments. Who like to THINK about what they read. 


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30 Day Book Challenge Day 3

Chronicles of Narnia Movie Tie-in Box Set The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - C.S. Lewis Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  - J.K. Rowling Tiger's Curse (Book 1) - Colleen Houck Alanna: The First Adventure (Song of the Lioness #1) - Tamora Pierce Night Pleasures  - Sherrilyn Kenyon The Clan of the Cave Bear - Jean M. Auel

Your Favorite Series : 


Nope. You can't make me answer that! I CAN'T PICK ONE! 

30 day Book Challenge Day 2

Blood and Chocolate - Annette Curtis Klause

A Book that you've read more than 3 times: 


There are actually alot of books on that list! Most of them are series.... Harry Potter of Course, All of Tamora Pierce's books. Clan of the Cave Bear series... The Giver... Gosh so many. I guess one that I haven't mentioned as many times would be 


Blood and Chocolate By Annette Curtis Klause



I freaking love this book. And also as usual- SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE MOVIE. most of the times i'm OK with Movies based on books. Not always over the top in love, but ok. this one had very few high points for me. Every time I think about the movie I just go read the book again haha. 



30 day Book Challenge Day 1

Best book you read last year :


Cinder by Marissa Meyer! 


That was an easy choice for me :D While I ready Many amazing books last year I always go back to Cinder for recommending to friends and family. Book #2 from this year ( Scarlet ) Was amazing as well, and I cannot wait for #3- Cress !! 

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Challenge from Tumblr.

30 Day Book Challenge!


Dualed by Elise Chapman

Dualed - Elsie Chapman

Dualed was  Brutal, and not at all what I was expecting. 

West is an intense character, at age 15 she had already lost so much. As she watches her family be broken apart by death she becomes colder and colder, and least on the outside. West struggles through the story, trying to be nearly emotionless. 

I was prepared of a story of good VS evil - Alt VS Alt. I did not expect to be so torn with my feelings. Yes, I loved West as a character. I rooted for her to get her act together and be the "worthy" Alt. For her to realize that there was something/someone left to love and live for. But there were times when I hated her for her actions as a striker, completing heartless act after heartless act. 

I have decided though that I do not need to love every MC. That they are not always going to be GOOD. 

The story held me with a firm grip. I never knew what to expect and was constantly surprised. I thought I had the story figured out in the beginning. that I would watch it play out and think: " Predictable." 

I was so wrong. 

This story is for lovers of Dystopians and Action/thrillers. I admit, I found the world building a bit lacking. But the story is there, and will leave you thinking. " Would I survive? Would I be Worthy.. and would it be worth it?" 


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Survivors by Amanda Havard

The Survivors - Amanda Havard
Sometimes I need a good Slap in the face to remind myself not to always judge a book by it's cover. Since I pride myself on being honest in reviews I will do just that by saying, I do not like this cover. After reading the entire story I can now use the reason : It doesn't do the story justice! The Survivors by Amanda Harvard is rich and interesting, heartbreaking AND heartwarming. It had me eagerly turning the pages to see just what would happen next!
The first few chapters I will admit, dragged. I was concerned it was just going to fall into a really basic story line. Immortal witch stops aging, lives out her life as a 18-21 year old. Falls in love with Sweet handsome man. Heartbreak ensues. Thank you Amanda Havard for breaking the mold! I think this author likes to tease her readers. She gives you a taste of something... say... a cute boy. Makes you think.. hey, Ya, this could work! And then She tears it away from you! 

Don't worry! She is pretty generous as well, and goes on to create many amazing characters that I just fell for head over feet! 
The ideas in The Survivors was far more unique than I had expected.Sadie's character was quite different from other YA characters I have read recently. Her religious beliefs add an interesting view to our society and how she handles situations, but it didn't overpower the story like other stories I have read with characters with strong religious upbringings. Sadie questions things, she is open minded and she always wants to know more. Which can sometimes get her into some dangerous situations. 
" 'Sadie, you're a strange girl, so I say this with love,' he said, his voice sincere.
 'I need you to love me more than death,' he whispered."
Because of Sadie's Desire to know more about the world, herself, and others like her; The Survivors is filled with an interesting mix of paranormal history. A few of the paranormals she meets are ones we are familier with, others are more unique and complex. This really added to the complexity and kept me invested in the story because I wanted to know more. 
At the same time though. These more original paranormal characters are part of why I couldn't give a full 5 star review. I got confused. It seemed almost too complex. Having to follow the ideas of - If this creature has a child with this creature it creates one thing, if it has a child with another creature it creates another, and if THAT child has a child it creates something else.. ect... I had a hard time following this and it pulled me out of the story a bit. 
But that will not stop me from recommending this story with a passion! It was filled with history and magic, adventure and romance and was really interesting! I made the mistake of reading  the first few pages of book # 2 that are offered in the back of The Survivors. Now all I want to do is get my hands on it! It seems like it's going to give readers a deeper look into Sadie's family and their interesting way of life, and hopefully learn more of their history! Though there is a romance in Book #1 - and it is a great one- it is not what is the driving force behind me wanting to read #2 and that is a great sign to me!


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Alanna : The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

Alanna: The First Adventure (Song of the Lioness #1) - Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce will always have a reader in me. No matter what she writes she will always be on my Auto buy list. Alanna The First Adventure is the story that started it all and won my heart. The thing that I really love about this book and the series as a whole, is that you get to grow right alongside Alanna. Or well, I did the first time I read it. that was when I was around 12 or so, and I didn't have all the books at once so I read them spread out... ANYWAY. Alanna's character grows throughout the book, not just personality wise but she actually ages as well. Some stories are set in a shorter period of time, even some series only revolve around a year of time passing. With Tamora Pierces books you get to watch the character grow and change and experience the vast range of emotions that we all do growing up. You don't just know her as a Preteen, you read about her as a preteen, a teen and an Adult, and even get to read more about her in Pierce's other series. 

Alanna The First Adventure is filled with action and adventure, magic and intrigue. This first book doesn't really have Romance, I mean... she is 11.. and pretending to be a boy, makes things a bit difficult. That is one of the reasons though that I love recommending this series to younger readers. Like I said, you get to grow with the character. 

Alanna is a wonderful character. Filled with fire and wit and a desire to to anything within her power to get what she wants- to become a Lady Knight. The other characters in the story are amazing as well. You've got the ones you hate, the ones you adore, and the ones that grow on you. They all do something that helps Alanna grow as a Page and as a person. 

I've read alot of reviews that say the bones of the story are alot like Eon- Girl disguises herself as a boy in order to become a great warrior. But PLEASE keep in mind, The Song of The Lioness was written well before Eon. Eon is an amazing story yes, but just because they have some similarities should not make you think you are just going to be reading the same story all over again. Give Alanna A chance to win your heart :) I hope you love her as much as I did. 


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The Shade of the Moon by Susan Beth Pfeffer

The Shade of the Moon - Susan Beth Pfeffer

I really wanted to like this one. I did. I LOVED the rest of the series. It was heart wrenching and honest and had amazing characters. The Shade of The Moon however, fell completely flat for me. 


Jon grew into a completely unlikable character. I honestly couldn't stand him, and as the story went on I liked him less and less. Even when he was trying to redeem himself.. I just didn't care. For me to enjoy a book I also need to at least kind of like the the character. They can have faults sure.. but there was pretty much nothing I liked about Jon anymore. 


It was awkward for me to go from an entire series that focused on Miranda to her barely being in the story at all. I feel like the story took a completely different turn that left me, and probably other readers thrown for a loop. 


The story felt like an unneeded addition to a series that was amazing as it was. I pretty much wish I had stopped at book #3 and let myself believe that was how it ended. Most of the time even if I didn't love the series, I push through to finish it so that I can see how it all wraps up and what happens to the characters. I really wish I hadn't with this one. 


I definitely recommend the rest of the Series. But I would pause before reading #4 :/ 


I hate rating a book 1 star, But that was my honest opinion of the book. I understand that everyone has the right to a difference of opinion, so if you read this book and enjoyed it please feel free to say so in the comments.


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